Ganzorig was born deaf but that did not stop him from pursuing his purpose in life. When a life-threatening illness left him hospitalized for months, a friend gave him the Bible to occupy his time and that’s when his journey with God began. Ganzorig experienced miraculous healing that convinced the doctors to discharge him earlier than expected. Soon afterwards, he started serving in a church for the deaf and mute and went on to attend seminary school in Hungary in pursuit of his desire to serve God in ministry.


He came back to Mongolia with a deep sense of calling to serve among the deaf and mute in his community. He became part of the Ephphatha United Methodist Church and there, he started serving as a church leader for the deaf and mute. Today, this church community serves 25-30 deaf and mute who come from poor backgrounds. This is also where he began to be involved with the United Methodist Mongolia Missions Women’s Handicraft Ministry (UMM Missions Women’s Handicraft Ministry).

UMM Missions Women’s Handicraft Ministry began in 2008, supporting single mothers, widows and those living in extreme poverty. The income from this small ministry enables women to buy their daily needs such as food, clothes, coal & wood for winter. Just recently, this ministry has expanded to serve the deaf and mute in the community.

A handicraft created by one of the members of UMM’s Missions Handicraft Ministry

Through UMM’s Missions Handicraft Ministry, Gazorig and other individuals like him have a better chance to earn a stable income that will help them with medical expenses, cover their daily needs and provide basic education for their children. The ministry also covers 50% of the sellers’ social security tax.

Fair Share Market partners with United Methodist Mongolia Missions Handicraft Ministry in empowering individuals like Ganzorig to become sustainable and meet their daily needs.

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