Many producers and artisans in developing countries around the world live on less than $2/day. Fairtrade fights the trade and power structures that trap producers and local artisans in cycles of poverty and enabling them to have more sustainable income and receive their fair share in the market. When local artisans and producers engage in fair trade, studies show that they can make more than what they would normally earn in the traditional market. Also, they can work equally with no prejudice towards age, gender, religion and others.

The benefits of Fairtrade go beyond just extra income for farmers – they also address issues like Gender Equality and Climate Change. The Standards ban Child Labor and protect Workers’ Rights. When you participate and support fair trade practices, you are making a lasting impact on communities in developing countries such as Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and Thailand. You help local producers receive their fair share in trade and empower them to have a stable source of income to help them and their families, at the same time help their communities grow.