Our Vision

We envision artisans and producers in developing countries free from exploitative and abusive trade practices, become economically independent and are paid fairly for their work.

Ganzorig Finds Hope with Handicrafts

Ganzorig is deaf since birth but finds a new purpose when he found his skills in handicrafts.

Why Choose Fair Share Market?

Many skilled and competent artisans and producers in developing countries are living in poor conditions because of the unfair trade practices that keep them trapped in the cycle of poverty. At Fair Share Market, we facilitate livelihood training, provide financial support and assistance in marketing and selling of products directly to buyers worldwide. This ensures that artisans and producers get their fair share of the profit, create more jobs in their communities and ensure sustainability in the long run.

Join us in supporting communities become sustainable by shopping here on Fair Share Market. When you purchase our products, you are making a direct impact in the lives of individuals living in poverty. Through our program, sellers gain:

Make an Impact Today

You can make a direct impact in the lives of individuals living in poverty today. Join us in ensuring a sustainable livelihood for sellers and artisans in Asia-Pacific and beyond.

Our Story

Fair Share Market started as an idea to support local artisans and producers in five mission initiative countries supported by GBGM Asia Pacific Regional Office. These local artisans from underprivileged communities, especially women are directly impacted by inequality and exploitation.

Fair Trade

Many producers and artisans in developing countries around the world live on less than $2/day. Fairtrade fights the trade and power structures that trap producers and local artisans in cycles of poverty and enabling them to have more sustainable income and receive their fair share in the market.